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Hi and nice to meet you! I am Cristiano and I will guide you in this authentic Italian food experience together with my family. We will start from a beautiful tour of our villa overlooking the Bay of Naples.

We will visit our sunny garden, where we grow our organic produce, and we will show you the olive groves, lemon and orange trees surrounding our property.

We will welcome you to our kitchen and introduce you to our nonna, the passionate master of our place. Here is where we will teach you how to cook like a local, including making authentic limoncello from scratch!

Are you ready to be an Italian Chef ?

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PRICE  SEASON  2024: 115€ 

Brochure 2022 pag interne_Tavola disegno 1.jpg

Are you ready to be an Italian Chef ?

10 AM

duration 3.5 hrs approax

5 PM 

You will be the chef and the diner at the same time. We will tell you our cooking secrets, which have been passed on from generation to generation, and we will entertain you with some cute stories and anectods. It will be a lot of fun making new friends and sharing happy moments with your loved ones.


We will all be a big happy Italian family!

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